Spring Production 2019 – May 16th – 18th

The Fat Lady Sings by David Tristram plus sketches from “Moments in Life” by David Hampshire and a fun quiz

Another great comedy by David Tristram and some amusing sketches – plus of course our usual fun quiz with the almost legendary great prize for the winners…

About the plays:

We performed 3 sketches from David Hampshire’s brilliant series ‘Moments in Life’ – these take a wry look at life exposing a range of emotions from hilarious to the ridiculous… so we have 3 sketches one exposing the seemingly un-putdown able nature of the ubiquitous mobile smartphone, another the deadly sin of greed and where it takes you… and a third which takes a poignant look at the Acting life.

Our main dramatic performance will be a hilarious one act play: ‘The Fat Lady Sings’, featuring the familiar ‘Little Grimley’ characters: Gordon, Margaret, Joyce and Bernard who are back to tackle yet another threat to the survival of their amateur theatrical group – this time in the shape of a rival am-dram newly formed in their village who are set to upstage them with an award-winning musical.

The feisty four pull together to devise a fiendish plot to scupper the rivals. Needless to say, all does not go as planned… could this finally be the end of the Little Grimley Amateur Dramatic Society?

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