Autumn Production 2017 – November 30th – December 2nd

Ladies Day by Amanda Whittington

Our lovely audience enjoyed this brilliant story as much as we enjoyed rehearsing and performing it.

About the play:
The play is in 2 Acts and is set in the fish factory where the ladies work, and also at York racecourse.
The temporary relocation of Royal Ascot to York in 2005 was a memorable event. Local residents who had to struggle with the chaotic traffic conditions it caused will certainly never forget it. But one person’s nightmare is another person’s dream come true, especially if that person is of the female persuasion and needs an excuse to wear an eye-boggling hat.
This comedy classic is the story of four fish factory workers – Pearl, Shelley, Linda and Jan. Pearl is leaving to spend more time with her husband – not retiring, as she is keen to point out – and on the spur of the moment she decides to celebrate with an all-girls outing to Ladies’ Day at York. After years of fish-filleting, the pals are ready for their big day out, but is Royal Ascot ready for them?
The first problem they face is how to get tickets for an event which has been sold-out for months. Horrified by the prices asked by a ticket tout, the foursome are on the point of giving up. But a lucky find by Linda, a woman with an all-consuming passion for Tony Christie, enables them to rub shoulders – however briefly – with high society. The question is: will the ladies hit the jackpot?

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