Spring Production 2023 – 23rd – 25th March

“MURDER at Dress Rehearsal” by Paul Mathews plus 5 sketches and a fun quiz

Springtime, and time for another murder mystery! But this dramatic offering from Paul Mathews. A great comedy evening for cast and audience alike, our Spring 2023 production, began with 5 sketches, all of which explored the ups and downs of planning and preparing for an am-dram show… The sketches were followed by Part 1 of our Murder Mystery comedy play “Murder at Dress Rehearsal” by Paul Mathews – the main element of the dramatic evening. This is a one act play – about a play-within-a-play, set in a village hall (surprise!). The comedy plays on the known eccentricities of local theatre. Real life drama causes tension on and offstage at the dress rehearsal for ‘Ich Liebe Dich’, a wartime play. But worse is to come when someone switches the blank ammunition, with murderous consequences!

Autumn Production 2022 – September 29th – October 1st

MURDER in Little Grimley by David Tristram and Sketches from “Laughter Lines” by Frank Gibbons plus a fun quiz

After the success of “Lockdown” by D. Tristram, he promptly wrote another episode in the “Little Grimley” saga – the sixth in the hugely popular series – entitled: “MURDER! in Little Grimley”. As Tristram afficianados we siezed the chance to perform the play, which follows the antics of a hapless Amateur Dramatic Society desperate for audiences. We love this series because it is really rewarding to perform, with great characters and very funny dialogue. The plots reflect familiar issues as they are set in a village very like Berrow, and so many situations echo the real problems of being in a small amateur drama group – although we have had no murders at Stage 2… so far! In addition to the main play we performed some amusing sketches and our usual fun quiz to make the evening complete.

About the Play:
In the latest Grimley scenario… Anxious to cash in on the public’s appetite for detective dramas, the Chairman Gordon writes a whodunit… but in a bizarre twist he then finds himself embroiled in a real-life murder mystery that threatens to put him behind bars. The quarrelsome quartet have been in some sticky situations over the years. But can they possibly get away with murder?

Autumn Production 2021 – November 18th – 20th

Lockdown in Little Grimley by David Tristram and a fun quiz

Back to the wonderful David Tristram’s very funny “Little Grimley” series for a play based on the lockdown issues we all endured…. and in the interval, a quiz featuring loo rolls as part of the “Lockdown Survival Kit” prize !

About the Play:
“Lockdown in Little Grimley” by David Tristram successfully highlights some of the more hilarious aspects of lockdown mentality. After all the pain and upset we all endured during the pandemic, this play may just be the perfect antidote. Sometimes its good to laugh at your fears.
‘Lockdown’ is set in a Village Hall much like our own Berrow, and the action begins just as government restrictions are starting to ease. Gordon has had a “great” idea for a fantastic comeback production which will re-launch the Little Grimley Amateur Dramatic Society whilst simultaneously benefitting a very deserving charity….
We did ask our fantastic audiences to bear with us during the presentation of “Lockdown” as there are a very few “naughty” words used by the playwright to add emphasis at particular moments, and we felt we should honour his intention, so “language” was used!