We have chosen two cracking one-act plays for our winter extravaganza.  This time we are performing another of David Tristram’s fabulously witty “Little Grimley” spoofs on the trials of the serially failing and dysfunctional Litte Grimley drama group (only of course we have renamed it “Last Panto in Berrow”.  The Panto never actually happens but there are banana skins, a panto horse as well as a host of other problems to cause major hilarity and mayhem…  The last frantic sequence where everything is going wrong is going to take some dedicated practice that’s for sure!

This is a shot of the nag…

IMG-20150919-WA0000 (1)The other half of the performance is a classic victorian melodrama which we hope to play with excess ham…  Some of the lines are a bit tricky and causing the cast some difficulties in a tongue twistering sort of fashion.  Fear not we’ll make an extraordinary effort to get our teeth round the words by December….