man-309534It’s Spring! Must be time for another Stage 2 production then…  Here’s all the info on the latest upcoming extravaganza…

Stage 2 drama group cordially invite you to our latest comedy presentation which has a spoof gothic theme…  “”The Case of the Count Formerly Known as Dracula – A Justin Thyme Mystery” by Bruce Kane. We are enjoying rehearsing this gothic comedy play featuring the hardboiled detective Justin Thyme, who takes on the toughest, dirtiest cases in English literature.

Plotting the Plot…

Dracula is having a terrible time finding virgins to get together with – for some reason there is an acute local shortage of virgins in Transylvania…. What can he do?  He decides to try online dating to increase his chances but finds the forms impossible even with his Mother “helping”!
Is there any way to find the elusive virgins he craves?
Is speed dating the way to go?
Or maybe Dracky should “persuade” someone to do the finding for him….

Enter Justin Thyme: fictional detective. Sam Spade. Philip Marlowe. Mike Hammer. Dick Barton. Humphrey Bogart. Dick Tracy… and then there’s Justin Thyme. Hard-boiled. Rugged. Scotch-soaked. Gravel voiced. Chick magnet. And a private eye to boot. Make that a fictional detective. You know, the go-to guy when you’ve got a classic case of missing virgins.
After receiving a mysterious phone call, Thyme travels to Transylvania to find out why the country has experienced a sudden shortage of virgins. No sooner does he arrive, then his old fiend Igor tells him that the man who summoned him is dead. He meets the delicious Molly, takes refuge in an eerie castle, encounters its master Count Dracula, gets locked in a cell, loses Molly, goes on a bender, and eventually recovers only to find Molly has become an undead bride of Dracula. Will Thyme defeat the immortal vampire? Will he rescue Molly? And will our intrepid gumshoe escape a fate worse than death when Molly proposes they marry and move to the suburbs?

Find out as Stage 2 present: “The Case of the Count Formerly Known as Dracula – A Justin Thyme Mystery”
This hilarious production runs on Thursday 14th May Friday 15th May and Saturday 16th May at Berrow Village Hall, Parsonage Road, Berrow. All performances begin at 7.30pm.

There will also be an easy peasy (!) quiz and a light supper, and,  if you’d really like to “get in the spirit”, fancy dress is optional but not essential – we will be awarding a prize for the best costume – come as a vampire, a vamp, a fictional detective or just as yourself – it’s up to you!

A hilarious evening of entertainment is on the cards and all our usual great value for money!  Advance tickets from Grahame on 01278 782319 or Ken on 01278 795619.  Advance tickets are only £7.50 – get yours now!  On the door ticket price is £8.

If anybody out there is at a loose end, we would be grateful for behind the scenes helpers – eg: assistance with make up, costume changes, prompting and front of house tasks. Give us a call if you would like to get involved!