Fringe Benefits Rehearsals

Here are a few images of the ‘Fringe Benefits’ rehearsals.  Rehearsals are in Berrow Village Hall on Fridays and Sunday evenings.  Gold medal to Lynne for catching bus from and to Weston on rainy night…  Shows great dedication I think.  Also a medal to Grahame for being almost word perfect / books down in Act 2.  In fact a big thank you to everyone for giving up the time to get to rehearsals and learn lines.  I know you are all extremely busy.  It will be worth it when you hear the no doubt thunderous applause on March 31st / April 1st & 2nd

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Moving in day!

Today we moved all the stage 2 drama equipment, goods and chattels back into the village hall.

Thanks are due to the hard working souls who gave up Sunday morning to help with this major effort.  So:

Jo (and the rugrats!)

You’re all stars!
I was reduced to carrying of small items and making an inventory / directing storage operations as I still have my foot in plaster after breaking it 5 weeks go.

Anyway, it’s nice to be home and have all our “stuff” in one place (we had to farm it out to several kind people for the duration of the Village Hall building and improvement works).

Oh well time to get ready for another rehearsal..  feels like we’re living at the Village Hall today!

I’ll update this with a couple of pictures tomorrow…

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