Welcome to 2013. New year; New play; New enthusiasm!

Following on from a rather disappointing year (in terms of aspirations rather than actual performance) Stage 2 emerges into the New Year with enthusiasm rekindled by the (slightly unexpected) success of the Christmas 2012 production.

It was always going to be a challenge, with the performance dates so close to Christmas, as not only did the prospective audience have other things to do on the cusp of the Festive Season, so did the members! A number of situations (including two – more – members moving away and several illnesses – after all, we’re none of us getting any younger!) threatened to take away a number of our key helpers and performers. This was offset somewhat by Tom (in his second production with us) and Georgia: two youngsters who – we hope – will form the core of an age renaissance for the group. All we need now are another half-dozen less-then-wrinklies and we’re sorted!

In the event, the production was a huge success, and all the comments we received were positive: the food was superb; the acting excellent (even given the last-minute drafting in of a couple to fill in for two stalwarts who couldn’t make it) and the quiz was a success, despite causing many competitors some considerable head-scratching!

The Group AGM discussed our next step and we decided to try to repeat the Christmas formula – with adjustments for the change of seasons, of course – for our spring production, so we are currently looking at a wide range of short plays which can be strung together to make a production. Shorter plays definitely impose less strain on individual performers (anyone who has tried to learn 80 or 90 pages of an Ayckbourn play will know what we mean!) and generally have simpler production requirements, too. A perfect opportunity for someone looking to dabble their toes in the slightly murky waters of Amateur Dramatics! So, if you fancy giving acting a try, or even if you prefer to help with costumes, props, set, technicals, production, publicity etc, etc, etc, then please come along to a Friday evening meeting (8-10 pm, Berrow Village Hall) and give us a try! Alternatively, call us on 01278 795619 and speak to us or leave a message with:

  • Your name
  • Your Telephone number
  • What you’d be interested in helping with

and we’ll call you back.