Autumn Production 2019 – November 14th – 16th

Comedy Triple Bill – “A Cut in the Rates” by Alan Ayckbourn, / Twitch in Time by Horry Parsons / Gentlemen Callers by Pam Mackenzie

Our plucky cast had never consumed as much battenburg in their entire lives as they did rehearsing and performing this production….!

About the plays:

When Miss Pickhart visits the illusionist Ratchet on official Town Hall business, she discovers a sinister secret. Alone in the cellar after Ratchet is called away, she confronts the ghost of Rosalinda who met an untimely death during the “saw the woman in half” trick. The ghost believes it was not an accident and calls upon Miss Pickhart to release her. To do this Miss Pickhart must relive that fateful night and climb into the cabinet. It seems as though she too is to meet a grim death, until the play takes an unexpected twist.

John may have just spotted a Windy – a rare bird not seen in the UK for over a hundred years. But his wife is keen to start her drama group meeting and is cross her house has been invaded by “twitchers”. Now the bird won’t reappear and the meeting is bothering the twitchers and vice versa.

Lavinia and her friends like to meet regularly for afternoon tea and cribbage. The old ladies are disturbed by three burglars who quickly find that, with these wily old ladies, they have taken on more than they expected. In fact it’s the last job they ever do.

Spring Production 2019 – May 16th – 18th

The Fat Lady Sings by David Tristram plus sketches from “Moments in Life” by David Hampshire and a fun quiz

Another great comedy by David Tristram and some amusing sketches – plus of course our usual fun quiz with the almost legendary great prize for the winners…

About the plays:

We performed 3 sketches from David Hampshire’s brilliant series ‘Moments in Life’ – these take a wry look at life exposing a range of emotions from hilarious to the ridiculous… so we have 3 sketches one exposing the seemingly un-putdown able nature of the ubiquitous mobile smartphone, another the deadly sin of greed and where it takes you… and a third which takes a poignant look at the Acting life.

Our main dramatic performance will be a hilarious one act play: ‘The Fat Lady Sings’, featuring the familiar ‘Little Grimley’ characters: Gordon, Margaret, Joyce and Bernard who are back to tackle yet another threat to the survival of their amateur theatrical group – this time in the shape of a rival am-dram newly formed in their village who are set to upstage them with an award-winning musical.

The feisty four pull together to devise a fiendish plot to scupper the rivals. Needless to say, all does not go as planned… could this finally be the end of the Little Grimley Amateur Dramatic Society?

Autumn Production 2017 – November 30th – December 2nd

Ladies Day by Amanda Whittington

Our lovely audience enjoyed this brilliant story as much as we enjoyed rehearsing and performing it.

About the play:
The play is in 2 Acts and is set in the fish factory where the ladies work, and also at York racecourse.
The temporary relocation of Royal Ascot to York in 2005 was a memorable event. Local residents who had to struggle with the chaotic traffic conditions it caused will certainly never forget it. But one person’s nightmare is another person’s dream come true, especially if that person is of the female persuasion and needs an excuse to wear an eye-boggling hat.
This comedy classic is the story of four fish factory workers – Pearl, Shelley, Linda and Jan. Pearl is leaving to spend more time with her husband – not retiring, as she is keen to point out – and on the spur of the moment she decides to celebrate with an all-girls outing to Ladies’ Day at York. After years of fish-filleting, the pals are ready for their big day out, but is Royal Ascot ready for them?
The first problem they face is how to get tickets for an event which has been sold-out for months. Horrified by the prices asked by a ticket tout, the foursome are on the point of giving up. But a lucky find by Linda, a woman with an all-consuming passion for Tony Christie, enables them to rub shoulders – however briefly – with high society. The question is: will the ladies hit the jackpot?

The Nights Are Drawing In, The Drama is heating Up!

Well here we are again just a few short weeks away from another stage 2 extravaganza of fun, feasting and frantic quizzing!

We found a funny one-act Play entitled “The Worst Day of My Life” by Alan Richardson. The synopsis is:-

Charlie Brown’s day in hospital begins very well. His devoted wife is at his bedside; a scene of conjugal bliss, that is until another female visitor arrives, and Charlie’s previously secret life begins to hilariously unravel.   Charlie thinks his day can’t get much worse – but it does…..

Based on the main one act subject (medical) we searched out a number of short sketches by various playwrights also on a medical theme and so the evening format came together…

We are currently compiling a fun quiz with questions on popular medical themes… and of course we are arranging to feed everyone.  Costs have risen but we’ve managed to keep our ticket price to only £8.50 – that way we can be sure to continue in our tradition of providing a  good value for money evening of entertainment.  We will have a bar available and our wonderful raffle will solve some of your Christmas present problems!  Hope to see you in November!

Time to wake up for your sleeping tablet…